Nurocor MDRNurocor MDR™ provides a mature, enterprise-strength and highly flexible platform for standards development and implementation, to improve business efficiency. Available in the cloud or on-premise.

Nurocor MDR is an industry-leading metadata repository and governance platform that supports organizations in making robust and efficient use of data standards. Nurocor MDR addresses the following core capabilities around standards development and implementation:

  • Create, maintain, govern and use standards consistently,
  • Maximize reuse of existing artifacts and data assets,
  • Understand the impact of changes on processes and systems,
  • Use standards to improve processes,
  • Support the integrity of data exchange.

Nurocor MDR supports regulatory compliance, data quality, and an agile clinical development lifecycle by serving as the authoritative source for data standards and artifacts. It has capabilities to create, manage, and govern metadata as reusable assets. Through reuse, and, relationships between content, comes automated impact analysis and inheritance, which accelerates cycle times and improves data quality. Nurocor MDR serves as a hub for information within an enterprise. It helps users to find, understand, manage, use, and exchange information more efficiently.

Nurocor MDR Capabilities

Address Clinical Development Challenges

  • Create, maintain, govern and use standards in a consistent manner
  • Know the impact of changes on other people, processes, or systems
  • Get maximum reuse out of existing data assets
  • Implement standards to improve processes
  • Minimize human intervention and interpretation when exchanging data

Create, Manage and Govern Content

  • Build content based on standards and/or standards-based templates (base library includes CDISC Terminologies, CDASH, SDTM, BRIDG, and associated data types).
  • Create content within context or as individual objects, including mapping and transformation logic
  • Define validations to enforce business rules & policies
  • Govern the creation and/or consumption of content, notifying the appropriate stakeholders throughout the process

Assess Impact

  • Understand relationships via graphical representation or automated
  • Inform governance stakeholders of the impact of changes
  • Auto-assign tasks for stewards to indicate whether or not to inherit

Easily Find, Use, Share & Integrate Content

  • Navigate content through configurable tree structures, interactive reference models, or customizable searches
  • Federate to other internal/external installations of Nurocor MDR (including partners and SDOs).
  • Import/export content from the UI via multiple standard import & export formats (e.g., tab-delimited text, ODM, Define.xml) or build custom importers and exporters
  • Programmatically exchange and use content via APIs

Analyze and Monitor

  • Take advantage of integrated open source reporting tools
  • View prebuilt and develop custom fully parameterized reports
  • Use the provided reporting views to build reports using any SQL-aware reporting tools
  • Surface reports dynamically within or external to repository
  • Share reports via multiple report export formats

Flexible Implementation

  • Install on-premise or in the cloud
  • Interact through the web-based UI via various supported browsers

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